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I am tired of being so alone. I am always alone. I want to meet somebody new. I wander around the city or sit at parks and read for hours and I have crossed paths with very few people who seem full enough. I’d love to have a person to be intimate with, but in the ways where we stay up all night talking and know each other. Where we’re slow in the things that we do with one another. Everybody is so small. Everybody is in a rush to fuck or to be something impressive or important. I just want to fall in love and learn a person again, and have them want to learn me too. People don’t want to know me. They listen to me talk about important things while they lick their lips, kiss my neck, talk about my body. It hurts me. I am bigger than that. Where is my person who is bigger than that.
Emery Allen (via steepyoursoul)

(Source: wethinkwedream)

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